Health is a very precious thing in our lifes, we need to be and feel secured and protected all the time.This is why we bring to you a list of recommended Hospitals while you stay in Kenya for your peace and streefree holiday! There are as many hospitals as you could afford. Some are of a budget standard while others are of a middle range to a first class services, etc. Howeverso, you are advised not to opt for a cheaper Hospital cause the services could be quite of a low class and hence not getting the best attention of health.
Whereas some hospitals have been highly recommended from their history and improved services throughout and this are the most recommended once around. We have both private and Public hospitals in Kenya all serving similar or less purposes. Unlike the Private Hospitals, the Public hospitals are less expensive, and especially the National Public Hospitals which keeps all specialists at each related department and are quit useful to all and especially to the locals, but could be hard to deal with due to the high demand of patient and the crowd could cost your time before you get to be actually attended to. For time conscious, we recommend the private Hospitals which are less crowded due to their slightly higher prices, but could be of much help especially when you are really in health problem. Some of the private recommended Hospitals include:-

The Nairobi Hospital
Nairobi Hospital is one of the town's best/recommended Hospital and offers a variety of services from Casualties, first aids, Emergency units, Ambulances, Maternity, Surgical-operation Theatre, First aids, ICU units, Paendiatric units, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dental, to a wide range of admission wards. It is situated along the Argwings Kodhe Rd opposite the Kenya's Biggest National Hospital- KNH For your appointments call 02 72160/352101)/

The Aga Khan Hospital
The Aga Khan Hospitals are also one of the best private Hospitals in Kenya serving in several cities of the country e.g. Mombasa, Kisumu etc. Nairobi you can reach this hospital at the 3rd,Parkland Avenue. This Hospital serves both out-patients and admits. For your appointments call this Nos.(02 740000/742531)

The Kikuyu HospitalThe Kikuyu Hospital is on the outskirt of Nairobi not so far from the city and specializes on eye problems. Kikuyu is a private hospital which also admits and helps other out patients, with men, women and children wards as well as marternity wards.

The Kenyatta National Hospital
Located off Mbagathi rd tel. 02 726300/726300, The Kenyatta National Hospital serves as the Kenya's leading National Hospital, and serves all public Hospitals patients from all over Kenya. This is the centre of all government Hospitals and is the best of the governments' and most important of all it is where you can get all specialists at a cheaper fee. Although big enough, this hospital is always crowded due to the large number/high demand from patients and also the economy, patient try to get the best for as cheapest as they can. It also serves as the public hospital referral all over Kenya. Equipped with all kinds of Equipment's from Surgical, laboratories etc to the best qualified doctors in Kenya, the Kenyatta hospital is often less recommended due to the large mass of waiting patients everyday cueing to be attended to. It still remains the country's top Hospital and attendants Seconded by the Coast Provincial General Hospital within the Kenya's coast, Mombasa Island. Other Public Hospitals in the country include Machakos District Hospital, Kisumu, Nakuru, and at least in every district of Kenya.
Other private hospitals includes; The Mater Hospital along the Dunga Road, industrial area, tel.02 531199, Nairobi West Hospital along the Gandhi Avenue Nairobi West area, Tel 02 505072/603723,The Kenyatta National Hospital off Mbagathi rd tel. 02 726300, The MP Shah Hospital along the Shivachi rd at Parklands, tel. 02 742763/742764, Masaba Hospital along the off Ngong road, etc.
For ambulances you can also contact this hospitals for attention. Most of this major Hospital have a special Mortuary Preservatory.









The Aga Khan Hospital
This serves the Mombasa Island with the best competitive out patient/admission private attendance, and is located at a quite convenient location along Vanga rd off Nyerere Avenue Mombasa, Apr 50m off the main Likoni Ferry road, making a very convenient transport from town, Mtwapa, Bombolulu, Bamburi, Kingo'rani etc. For appointment call 011 312953/312954

The Mombasa Hospital
Mombasa hospital is also a very recommended private hospital on the Island and serves patients from all over and around the Fort Jesus area. It is located off Mama Ngina drive- Mombasa, just some meters away from the Kws offices, and the famous Fort Jesus. Transport from/to here is also covenant or by foot from GPO or drive along privately, no Matatus goes beyond the GPO. For bookings/appointments call 011312191/312099.

Pandya Memorial Hospital
This is also another private hospital serving patients within the Island and is quite conveniently located at Dedan Kimathi Avenue, Mombasa, off the main Likoni Ferry road and all Matatus(Public transport) as mentioned above(Aga Khans) passes through this road and that make it even better. You can book an appointment on 011 229252/313577

The Coast Provincial General Hospital
This is the second public Hospital in Kenya seconding the Kenyatta National Hospital. With all the Kenyatta National Hospital similarities this Hospital serves all patient within the island of Mombasa, Kwale, lamu, Malindi, Changamwe and Jomvu and Mazeras and even from Lunga Lunga. It also serves as the central mortuary for the coast province.

It is located along the Kisauni rd, Mombasa. For your appointments call 011 314204/314205.
Other government Hospitals can be found within each district, while other private hospitals include; the Mewa Medical at Mwabundu rd, kingorani tel. 011 490608/491005, Makupa Hospital within the Island still', on the Jomo Kenyatta Avenue- Mombasa, Bakarani Maternity & Nursing Hospital at Old Bamburi rd, Tel 011473531 etc.


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